About Us

TreeHorse Veterinary Services, Inc. is a one doctor ambulatory practice that strives to provide affordable and personalized veterinary care to the underserved areas of south-central PA and northern MD.  TreeHorse is tightly linked with Maryland Equine Dental, Inc. Over the years, we have seen, on a daily basis, the great need for mobile veterinary services in our area of south central PA.  This is what pushed Kate to apply to vet school, to come back to PA and to open TreeHorse Veterinary Services, Inc. in conjunction with Maryland Equine Dental, Inc.

What does our TreeHorse logo mean?

Some of you may be wondering, what does TreeHorse mean? Honestly, at first, the name didn’t have a whole lot of meaning.  In her 3rd year of vet school, Kate was visiting with a fellow veterinary student, Andria, whom she had met on an RVETS trip.  Andria suggested the name “TreeHorse” as a play on words for “Seahorse” or “Treehouse”.  

Kate didn’t want a name that would tie the practice to a specific area or location or that would totally limit the species treated.  For some reason, TreeHorse stuck in her head and kept dominating the list of potential practice names. Throughout the planning process, TreeHorse became a symbol of taking an existing something and forming it into something new while maintaining the integrity of the original structure. Maryland Equine Dental, Inc. was going to take on a new form of branching out into a vet practice while still remaining the deeply rooted tree (business).